Marketing Ideas

Here is a prepared PSA for the upcoming National Chimney Safety Week & National Fire Prevention Week.

Prepare your own chimney service company PSA for National Chimney Safety Week using your company name and log along with the graphics for National Chimney Safety Week using this as a template to write your company PSA. Now send to all media in your market including newspapers, Radio and TV.

It’s National Fire Prevention & Chimney Safety Week
It’s getting colder, and people are getting ready to light up those fireplaces to stay warm during the winter months.
September 27th – October 3rd is National Chimney Safety Week.
October 4th – 10th is National Fire Prevention Week, a week dedicated to informing people about ways to reduce fire hazards The Marge Padgitt states there are certain steps to take before lighting that fireplace.

“We’re just trying to bring awareness to chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning that can happen when there’s a faulty chimney,” Midwest Chimney Safety Council former President Marge Padgitt said. Brooke Morris of Blue Springs, Missouri, said she and her husband are doing what they can to prepare.

“I have been wanting to light fires since we got here, and we just decided this was the time to do it,” Morris said. “I’m in the residential real estate world, and I know how dangerous it is to run a fire without checking to make sure that it’s a safe place to run a fire.”

A chimney sweep is a good place to start.?

“One of the things that we do is sweep chimneys to remove creosote that’s flammable and, in that way, we reduce the risk of chimney fires,” Padgitt said. “But more importantly, the inspection part of the process is done in order to check to see if there are any problems on the interior of the chimney or the exterior; anything that could be a fire hazard or a carbon monoxide hazard.” According to the National Fire Protection Association, it is recommended that chimneys are cleaned and inspected once a year. Padgitt said, it’s once a year for an open fireplace and twice a year for a wood burning stove or fireplace insert.

“There are about 15,000 per year that are recorded and many many more thousands that are not,” Padgitt said. “There’s a lot of damage out there that people aren’t aware of. They need to have their chimney checked before they use it.” With winter right around the corner, Morris said she does not want to take any chances. “You don’t want to light a fire and that be the reason you don’t have a home anymore,” Morris said. “It’s a wonderful thing to have a home, so make sure you keep it up and keep it safe.” Padgitt highly encourages new homeowners to hire a chimney inspector before you buy the home because oftentimes there could be problems that can be expensive to fix later.

Several major events such as home shows, fairs and other marketing opportunities for chimney sweeps have been postponed or cancelled out right such as the Spencer Fair on Labor Day and the Eastern States Expo, and many others this fall. Chimney sweeps have traditionally invested thousands into these events each year because of the opportunity to book jobs and gain market share for their businesses. The prospect of the closing of these events will surely impact your marketing for those in our industry who have relied on this form of marketing. So, what should you do? Begin with itemizing what each of these events cost your business in registration for booth space, labor for your employees and time away from business. You should now have a number of marketing dollars that are available to invest in other forms of marketing such as direct mail, increased social media advertising and do not overlook guerrilla marketing your business as the least expensive form of advertising. Next begin brainstorming how your business can replace these event marketing and re-invent your summer and fall advertising programs. If you need professional help, there are many highly qualified experts in our industry to guide your project to recover this lost business opportunity. Many vendors also offer great assistance through their own marketing project to help you manage your project to create a strong presence in your market and prepare you for even greater return on your investment. HELP IS ON THE WAY! But, first do some homework! How much revenue had you originally earmarked for these postponed events? Now make the calls to our industry vendors who are here to advise you on your new opportunity to #everydayGSD

Here’s an idea to keep your brand in front of your prospects on Facebook and other social media. Have your company logo brand name created on your protective face masks. Contact Big Butterfly Promos (See Ad in Magazine page 33. >> 802-363-0911) for your quote.

NOTE: All state chimney sweep guild members & members of the NSCG receive a 10% discount of total order. Use a catchy phrase with a brand on your PPE……

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Most in the chimney service industry can benefit greatly by using some creative Guerrilla Marketing techniques. These are no cost or low cost ways to get your company name in front of prospects.

Some simple ideas include: Parking your unused sweep vehicle in high traffic areas and leave some business cards on the wipers for people to take (a sign that says Take One is a good method) High traffic areas may include major parking lots, along major highway routes, where your bran d can be seen as traffic passes. Think of all the ways your service vehicle may become a great advertising business sign (free)

Site signs are another way to leave where a homeowner permits. This is an election year so… people notice lawn signs. Make sure your site signs are large enough to read and have a phone number to call.

Leave a stack of business cards in related businesses where permitted or a few on the supermarket business card board. It is free and many people will take your card for future use.

Special events, parades, gatherings of people make great opportunities for your fleet of service trucks lettered with your brand to be seen!

Have a slogan on your uniforms! People read clothing with slogans and keep your slogan simple, remarkable and clean.
(do not have offensive slogans)

Now put your team together at the next meeting and discuss how your company can benefit by Guerrilla Marketing practices!