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Eva Horton Day at the CSIA Tech Center

A day for Eva Horton, founder of The Chimney Sweep Guild – 1977.

This magazine shall sponsor the installation of a special tile for Eva Horton during Sweeps Week 2020. All chimney sweeps and vendors of our chimney service and hearth product industry are invited to attend. The tile project of the CSIA is an important project to honor the people of our industry who have been a part of our history and have contributed to its success over the last four decades as a new trade in America.

During this event, our magazine will be featuring the CSIA Tile Project in a future story offering funding for the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Blue Collar magazine is offering a commemorative Eva Horton Day Shirt which to be sold on our website and at all sweep trade shows and events in 2020

Our magazine advertisers have funded the initial cost of production and all proceeds from the sale of the shirt will be donated to Sweep Away Cancer and Warrior Horse. A check for each organization will be presented at the Eva Horton Day Celebration Event at the CSIA Tech Center Plainfield, IN during Sweeps Week. There will be a group photo on the day of the event at the CSIA Tech Center wearing the Eva Horton Shirt. Your help with this project will provide important funding for the CSIA, Sweep Away Cancer and Warrior Horse.

Purchase of these Eva Horton Day Shirts will go directly to these charities making an important difference in the lives of those in our industry suffering from cancer and for veterans suffering from PTSD.

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  • Eva Horton Day at the CSIA Tech Center during Sweeps Week